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Jitter clicking is a technique to enhance clicking speed while pointing and clicking on screen objects, crucial for precise targeting in video games. Stable hand control is key to success.

Here’s how to boost accuracy while jitter clicking:

Quality Mouse:

Invest in a comfortable, high-quality mouse that fits your hand well, reducing tremors.

Smooth Surface:

Ensure a smooth surface for consistent cursor movement. A mouse pad or flat, level laptop surface helps.


Increase mouse sensitivity for finer cursor adjustments. Customize it in your PC’s control panel under “Mouse.”

Hand Tension:

Tense your hand slightly to maintain control while jitter clicking. Lift your wrist slightly off the mouse.

Hand Arch:

Arch your hand to position fingers closer to the mouse buttons for effortless and precise clicking.

Hand Vibration:

Vibrating your hand can help achieve rapid clicks. Use arm or wrist muscles, ensuring you vibrate your hand, not the mouse button.


Avoid jitter clicking for extended periods to prevent hand strain. Take short, regular breaks to relax your hand.


Regular practice improves accuracy and coordination. Challenge yourself with small, challenging targets.


  1. Can jitter-clicking harm my computer? No, it won’t damage your computer, but it can strain your hand with overuse.
  2. How many CPS is jitter clicking? The average is around 6 CPS, with practice allowing some to reach up to 12 CPS.
  3. Is jitter-clicking bad for my health? It can stress your hand, so take short breaks to relax and improve accuracy.
  4. How good is 10 CPS? A CPS of 10 is considered good, with some practice enthusiasts achieving this level.

In conclusion, jitter clicking enhances mouse click rate accuracy. Be cautious to prevent hand strain, practice regularly, and test your accuracy online. Good luck!

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