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What is the Kohi Click Test?

Kohi click test is a method to determine the ratio of clicks per second. It is similar to other click test programs, with the only significant difference being that it is featured on a Mine craft server known as Kohi. Back in Minecraft versions 1.7 and 1.8, your PVP skills hinged on your clicking speed. How fast could you Click in 100 Seconds? It determined your success.

Kohi Click Test - Tools Gizmo

The Kohi server is popular for Hard Core Factions game modes. While Kohi is an offshoot of MineHG, the latter is a spin-off of Minecraft PVP (MCPVP). Now, Brawl Games own the MCPVP but was initially developed by ‘hclewk.’

While it may seem like any other clicking test, the Kohi Click Test originated from the Minecraft games server. Used by players in PvP modes to gain an edge, it measures clicking speed and accuracy. Although the kohi server was later removed and merged with Badlion, the gaming community protested the decision with a petition called “Bring Kohi Back” Many players praised it as a fun and social platform to play with friends.

Origin of Kohi click test’s name?

The Kohi click test is named after the popular Minecraft server “Kohi,” known for its hardcore factions gameplay and commitment to providing a fair, classic survival experience for all players. This server has gained a reputation among gamers as one of the best multiplayer experiences available, without resorting to pay-to-win mechanics. As a result, the Kohi click test is named after this server, which is a favorite among Minecraft players.

Why is Kohi test is so Important in Minecraft?

With a high clicking speed in Minecraft, you can boost your efficiency and gameplay skills. CPS is vital for PvP and quick clicking gives you an advantage. A higher Kohi Click speed enables you to strike before your opponent retaliates. These mouse speed tests are crucial for gamers as hitting speed determines skill level. Players with faster clicking speeds are better equipped to compete with their enemies. Hence, it’s no surprise that gamers are obsessed with their clicking ability.

Looking to improve your clicking skills? Here’s how to click like a pro.

Utilize the Kohi Click Speed Tester Tool daily to practice clicking

Make a habit of using the Kohi Click Speed Tester Tool regularly to practice clicking for a set amount of time each day. Consistent practice will help train your brain to click faster, and practicing with proper technique can increase your CPS.

Apply Kohi Click in Minecraft

Put your Kohi click training to use in an actual Minecraft game to track your progress and improve your clicking abilities in real-time.

Use Gaming Mouse

For pro-level CPS, a gaming mouse is a must-have for speed and durability. A gaming mouse provides the performance needed for high CPS or Kohi click, and there are a variety of options to choose from.

Several click speed programs allow users to identify their mouse clicking speed over a given time frame. In most cases, the Kohi Click Test is used by those who play Minecraft. Players take the test to improve their mouse clicking speed to perform better in the game.

Steps to Take Kohi Click Test

  • Use a perfect mouse for clicking.
  • Open your preferred browser and visit ‘toolsgizmo.com’.
  • Select Kohi Click Test from main menu.
  • The Kohi Click Test page will appear, with a clicking frame that says ‘Click Here to Start Playing’.
  • Start the Kohi Click speed test by clicking the mouse for the first time.
  • The test starts as soon as you begin with the first click, so click as fast as you can until the timer ends.
  • After the timer is completed, the result, along with a rank based on your performance, is declared.

Learn Different Clicking Techniques

Experiment with different clicking techniques to find what works best for you and improve your CPS. Learning and mastering new techniques can take your clicking and gaming skills to the next level.

Don’t Use Auto Clickers

Using auto clickers is an unethical and illegal way to register mouse clicks. Although it can help you achieve a high number of clicks per second, it is not advisable to use them while Kohi clicking in Minecraft. The game has an auto-detection system that can block users who engage in such malpractices. It’s better to improve your clicking skills naturally, as cheating can never give you true comfort or satisfaction. Avoid using auto clickers and focus on practicing and improving your clicking skills through legitimate means.


Mastering the technique of Kohi clicking can be advantageous for Minecraft players as it reduces the strain on the fingers during extended gameplay sessions. With this technique, you can click for longer durations without hurting your fingers, making it easier to play Minecraft for hours on end.

Achieving the highest CPS of 12.9 in Kohi is achievable with some effort and focus. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it on the first try. Keep practicing and retaking the test until you achieve your goal.

Kohi is the name of a Minecraft server that is known for its hardcore factions game mode, which is a player versus player (PvP) game mode where players compete against each other in combat to conquer land and resources. The Kohi server was shut down in 2016, but its legacy and impact on the Minecraft community continue to be felt today.

Final Verdict

Kohi Click is a gaming technique that has many benefits in Minecraft, as well as other games. It is a safe technique to use and can be easily learned and improved through regular practice and proper application. With dedication and effort, anyone can master Kohi Click in no time.