Which Gaming Mouse Do Professional Gamers Choose?

Curious about the gaming mouse choices of professional gamers who demand top-level precision and control? These pros rely on gaming mice, specially designed for the demands of competitive gaming.

While gaming mice may seem similar to regular mice, they offer distinct advantages in sensitivity, precision, and customization that are crucial for professional gaming.

To understand the preferences of pro gamers when it comes to gaming mice, it’s essential to delve into the specific features and functions that set gaming mice apart.

What Is a Gaming Mouse?

A gaming mouse is purpose-built for gamers seeking precise and customizable mouse controls. These mice offer various features tailored to a player’s preferences, elevating the gaming experience.

Gaming Mouse Vs. Normal Mouse

While you can technically use a regular mouse for gaming and vice versa, a gaming mouse excels in performance and provides a competitive edge over normal mouse. Here are some key distinctions:


  • Regular mice typically have three or four buttons.
  • Gaming mice can have up to ten buttons, each serving a unique purpose.
  • Extra buttons are programmable, enhancing gameplay efficiency.


  • Gaming mice boast low latency and rapid response times, crucial for fast-paced multiplayer games.

Programmable Features:

    • Gaming mice are fully programmable, allowing customization of button functions to suit gameplay styles.


      • Gaming mice come in various shapes, colors, and designs, often with eye-catching lighting.


        • Gaming mice offer higher sensitivity, ideal for precise control, especially in FPS games.


          • Gaming mice are more precise, facilitating accurate targeting and object selection.


            • Regular mice are budget-friendly.
            • Gaming mice are durable, feature-rich, and come at a higher cost, justifying the investment.

            How to Choose a Gaming Mouse

            Selecting the right gaming mouse requires careful consideration of your gaming needs and preferences:

            Game and Playing Style:

            • Choose a mouse that complements your preferred game genre and playing style.
            • Extra buttons are valuable for RTS or MMO games, while FPS gamers prioritize accuracy and low latency.

            Sensor Type:

              • Decide between optical and laser sensors based on your sensitivity and accuracy preferences.

              Wired or Cordless:

                • While wired mice offer lower latency, wireless mice have improved in signal speed.
                • Wired mice don’t require batteries or charging, making them more practical for gaming.

                DPI and CPI:

                  • Consider the DPI (Dots Per Inch) and CPI (Counts Per Inch) settings based on your screen size and gameplay speed.


                    • Balance aesthetics with comfort and consider the mouse’s weight for extended gaming sessions.


                      • Choose a mouse that accommodates your grip style, whether palm, fingertip, claw, or vertical.


                        • Ensure the mouse is programmable and offers customizable button options.

                        Comfortable Design:

                          • Check the mouse’s size, shape, and weight for comfort during prolonged gaming.


                            • Invest in a durable gaming mouse to avoid performance issues during critical gameplay.

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