Click Test 100 Seconds - CPS Test Challenge in Hundred Seconds

For those who want to practice fast clicking for a longer period, the 100 second mode is perfect for them.







100 seconds clicking speed test is the toughest test to challenge your clicking speed. In this 100 seconds clicking speed test you need to be more focused and fast as you will have 100 seconds to make as many clicks as you can.

Click Test 100 Seconds

Use 100 Seconds Click Test to Enhance Your Speed

100 seconds click test will help you to improve your clicking speed as it gives you a very longer time period for clicking therefore you can repeat it many times until you build a fantastic clicking speed. By giving a very longer time span of 100 seconds, the 100 seconds clicking speed test offers you a great challenge and motivation to improve your clicking speed.

Are you ready to take on the world record for clicks per second? The current record stands at 6.2 CPS in 100 seconds – can you beat it? Challenge yourself and see just how fast you can click!

Use 100 Seconds Test as a Record Maker

100 seconds clicking speed test is a challenging test and very few people are very good at making lots of click within 100 seconds test as it requires a very quick finger movements and lots of focus and consistency to make a record builder number of clicks. So the pro gamers use the 100 seconds clicking speed test as a game to make unbreakable and astonishing clicking records.

How to Use 100 Seconds Clicking Test

Here is a very apprehensible and simple guideline to use 100 seconds clicking speed test:

1: Like 10 seconds test, Click on the 100 seconds clicking speed test bar.

2: Click the start button and the time counter will start.

3: Make as many clicks as you can with your mouse.

4: The time counter will stop when 100 seconds are done and your result will be displayed in CPS score.

Techniques to Improve CPS Score in 100 Seconds

1: Try to use a gaming mouse rather than simple mouse to make your click count greater.

2: Use optical mouse instead of manual mouse as former uses light beams to send signals to your system which makes it quick and faster at making clicks.

3: Try to make increase number of clicks in first 50 seconds as we are more focused and vibrant at making clicks during the first few seconds and then be gradual and steady in making clicks in the last 50 seconds.


Maintaining a constant clicking speed for 100 seconds can be challenging, so getting a high CPS score in this mode may be difficult at first. But with enough practice, you can improve your score. Share your rank with friends after the test and challenge them to beat your score. However, it’s important not to overdo it with this mode and to try out other modes with less time. By trying out different modes and practicing regularly, you can increase your clicking speed and become a master of the click test.